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Our network

Who are we?

The SPoW network was created in 2002 and brings together Wallonia’s seven science and technology parks: LOUVAIN-LA-NEUVE SCIENCE PARK, LIEGE SCIENCE PARK, CREALYS© SCIENCE PARK, AEROPOLE SCIENCE PARK, INITIALIS SCIENCE PARK, QUALITIS SCIENCE PARK and NOVALIS SCIENCE PARK. Their common aim is to accommodate and support companies involved in the high-technology sector and business-university relationships.

Each science park is managed jointly by an economic development agency and at least one university. In total, SPoW comprises 7 economic development agencies (IBW, IDELUX, IDEA, IDETA, IGRETEC, SPI and BEP) and 5 universities (UCL, ULB, ULg, UNamur, UMONS) who interact with each other to ensure that Wallonia’s science parks are well managed. In addition to its members, the network gives access to Wallonia’s entire innovation ecosystem.

Our Quality Charter

In 2007, SPoW created a Quality Charter which defines the specific features of a science park. This definition has been officially recognized by the International Association of Science Parks, the IASP. The first one of its kind in the world, it is based on quantified and qualitative objectives and commits member science parks to an on-going progress-making strategy. The SPoW Quality Charter sets out 3 criteria which our science parks undertake to attain:

An 80% concentration of technological actors on science parks
An offer of high-quality services to support innovative projects and encourage exchanges
An offer of technological infrastructures adapted to specific needs of actors hosted

Our missions

Collective growth

SPoW’s priority mission is to promote the growth of all of Wallonia’s science parks. SPoW organises the exchange of good practice between science parks. This collective intelligence means that there is synergy between science park initiatives and shared thinking on the positioning of Wallonia’s science parks compared to practices developed in other countries.


Promotion and image-boosting

SPoW is a communication tool for all Wallonia’s science parks. It promotes and boosts the image of Wallonia’s scientific and technological potential. The network enables to coordinate representation of science parks in regional and international networks.


Contribution to Wallonia’s attractiveness

SPoW contributes to Wallonia’s development and attractiveness by using coordinated communication from its science parks. With AWEX and WBI, SPoW represents its members when the welcoming of foreign delegations and during international missions.