Aéropole - Charleroi

Aéropole - Charleroi

The Aeropole adds up 120 ha and double to come, 150 companies, 3600 jobs. 

A well developed area where business and academic clusters are growing up: aeronautics, ICT, biotechnologies, industrial engineering, training and R&D centres.

Mobility and accessibility:
Located in Charleroi (more than pop. 400,000), its central European position and proximity with Brussels (1/2 hour) allows the Aeropole to welcome easily scientific, high technology and industrial business.

Brussels South Charleroi Airport with more than 80 destinations in Europe is one of the fastest growing regional airports and gives occupants a length beforehand on their competitors, even more if combination is matched with other valuable communications network existing at Charleroi (motor-rail-water-ways).

Interface company-university (Biopark), bio & business incubators, full high tech facilities and services to companies: conference centre, hotels, banks, nursery, restaurant, shopping mall, public bus, etc.

To know more things on:

Boulevard Mayence 1
B-6000 Charleroi
Tel: 32 71 79 73 28