2015 was marked by several achievements for Crealys® science park:

First of all, the launch of an original investors attraction strategy:

« Facebook was created by Namur, did you know that? ».

This slogan from the new website www.invest-in-namur.be lead to a proactive approach regarding the companies and the activity sectors coherent with the socio-economic profil of the Province of Namur. The prospection of investors increases with the implication of territory ambassadors and thanks to webmarketing tools to better target investors which will have the interest to come in Namur.

On Crealys®, the BEP had realized nice Belgian and foreign projects as the following ones:

  • Elia, the manager of the Belgian electricity transport network brings his activities together for the Wallonia:
    • A competence centre to programm and to follow replacement and imporvement of HT (high-tension), ST (slow-tension) and PL (Power Links) facilities;
    • A regional dispatching for the network monitoring (with a permanent contact with the regional dispatching located in Bruxelles);
    • An intervention technical centre for the maintenance of the post and link installations (aerial and underground) for the Namur/Brabant Wallon Province. As well as little interventions;
    • Administrative activities.

Elia progressively integrates green technologies in its activities from years and more specially in the building of its office facilities. It contributes to the Crealys (r) efforts in terms of environment, structurated through its ISO 1400 certification.

Elia’s employees integrate their news offices this November.

  • In the same idea, IFAPME is finishing the building of its new competences and training centre for professions in green technologies, Greenwal. On 4,000m² of green facilities, Greenwal offers:
    • Workshops dedicated to practice training for special building technics;
    • Workshops spaces for demonstration of research and innovation;
    • Spaces for specific tests around green construction;
    • Services spaces as advices, companies clustering, animation, exhibitions,  around green energy and materials, etc.
  • Agrocaps, a Swiss company specialising in biological pest control for the farming industry, is opening a new laboratory in Crealys®.

    Agrocaps’s goal is to make microcapsules used for biological pest control for the farming industry. The worldwide market affected by this technology is flourishing. Research projects are currently being organised with the Unité de Science des Aliments et Formulation de Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech (Ulg). Agrocaps is working closely with existing companies, offering them its expertise as well as a successful specialist production unit. The company will employ biologists, chemists and entomology consultants. Agrocaps has been working in science for more than 25 years, working with mainly multinational companies, offering them services involving the development of innovative processes and compositions in a number of different industrial sectors, including nutrition and biopesticides.

    The arrival of Agrocaps at Crealys® is the result of the hard work of the BEP, the Awex and Gembloux AgroBioTech. Agrocaps will be joining Fytofend, already well established at Crealys®, a company that is now gradually extending its activities. This innovative spin-off of the University of Namur Cellular and Molecular Biology Research Unit specialises in the protection of plants using elicitors (compounds that activate natural defence mechanisms in plants).

  • Coris BioConcept will build its own facilitie, after a first incubator experience. In 2015 Coris BioConcept launches two concepts with the goal of preventing from the infection risk and bacterium propagation.  With its uniques tests in the world, Coris Bioconcept answer to the needs wish are not covered by microbiology clinical laboratory. They are also a major actor in the diagnostic of resistances to antibiotics.

Today more than 115 companies are active on Crealys® science park



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